Brilliant Beirut VR Experience

Brilliant Beirut VR Experience

Giga Works has been commissioned to document the installation of Brilliant Beirut at Dubai Design Week 2015. The idea was to create a ‘Virtual Reality’ VR experience for people who couldn’t make it to the event.

The first edition of Dubai Design Week saw the launch of Iconic Cities, a new series of annual exhibitions that explore the culture and design scene of the Middle East’s urban centres. The series kicked off under the attention-grabbing headline ‘Brilliant Beirut’, an exhibition that proved a big hit with visitors.Brilliant Beirut explored the impact of local urban dynamics in the areas of design, production and creative culture.

Curated and designed by Beirut-born and based designer Rana Salam, ‘Brilliant Beirut’ was the first attempt to document the development of design – across architecture, education, graphic design, fashion, furniture and cultural trends – in the the Lebanese capital over the past seven decades since independence (1950s-2015).

Rana found the response to the exhibition by a diverse group of visitors incredibly heartwarming: “We had professionals debating architecture and design; the Lebanese Diaspora coming to “walk” their young adults through the history of Lebanon; international non-Middle Eastern visitors discussing Lebanon; foreigners saying it encouraged them to visit the country…Most amazing were the streams of school children and university students who came to take advantage of the educational element of the exhibition and I never tired of the curious questions, photographs, smiles, hugs, goosebumps!”

Drawing parallels with and distinctions from Western design movements, the far-reaching show considers the shifts in design thinking engendered by civil war and the transition to stability. In addition, it examined how Beirut’s complex social make-up helped nurture creativity, while its long-standing craft traditions and ample production resources contributed to the country’s pre-eminence in the global design scene.

The exhibition was held at Dubai Design District
The whole production and installation was done by Print Works.

By downloading the app, you’ll be able to view a 360º video of Brilliant Beirut VR Experience on your mobile. For a complete immersive virtual reality experience use a GigaBox™ or a Google Cardboard.

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Download the Brilliant Beirut VR app from the link below.


Project Details

Client : Rana Salam Design
Date : 10/26/2015
Skills : Virtual Reality Experience
Address : http://www.ranasalam.com/

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